Dr. G. Ramesh DNB. MRCS(UK)

Fellow in Lap Colorectal Surgery (S.Korea).
Advanced Laparoscopic & Bariatric Sugeon.
Chairman of Sri Anu Hospitals Pvt Ltd., Vijayawada.
Chief Surgical Gastroenterologist in Anu Hospitals.
Visiting Consultant in Prime Hospitals, Hyderabad.


Achiever does things differently. It is a popular saying. If we go into the depth of it we realize its validity. It is the perfect aptitude blended with the right attitude which enables some people to stand out from the crowd. As they have achieved extraordinary accomplishment as a result of their relentless endeavors and phenomenal achievements excellent professional skills, giving proper attention to profession, high degree of commitment and upgrading technological advancements and many more qualities make some people different from the rest. Dr.G.Ramesh of Anu Hospital is one among such special personalities.Specializing in complex Bariatric surgeries, Dr.G.Ramesh is prowess promises obese individuals to live life again.


Dr.G.Ramesh is reputed surgeon is a progressive thinker and versatile surgeon with conquering imagination and unrivalled boldness to take up even an upheaval task. While proficiency in professionalism is his natural wise, source to humanity is his innovate passion. Abiding by the Hippocratic oath, he is committed to provide his patience with the latest development in medicine and technology, but also with the highest level of compassion and individual attention. Anu hospital initially started as Anu Gastro And Diabetic center in February by Dr.G.Ramesh, later it transformed as Anu Hospitals in January 2011. Anu Hospitals is the first hospital in the Coastal Andhra to start Bariatric Surgeries. The hospital expanded as a multispecialty hospital in November 2012.


Even as a young boy growing up Dr.G.Ramesh dreamed as being a doctor. An aspiring doctor has completed his MBBS degree from Kurnool medical college, Kurnool and did his post graduation in DNB (General Surgeon) from St.Marathan hospital Bangalore. He did MRCS from Royal College of physician and surgeon, UK. He did his fellowship in laparoscopy colorectal surgery from kyungpook university, South Korea. He was trained in Bariatric, Diabetic surgeries in Michigan University, Universal group of Hospitals, Istanbul - Turkey. He has undergone training in advanced laparoscopy under the guidance of Dr.Palanivelu, Dr.P.G.Paul, Dr.S.Ugale. He has trained in Bariatric surgery at Asian institute of bariatric surgery under the guidance of Dr.Narendra, he is also trained in Metabolic Surgery.


Dr.G.Ramesh has got many first to his credit. He is the first Bariatric surgeon in Coastal Andhra and the Anu hospital started by him is the only center performing all types of Bariatric and Metabolic surgeries in Andhra Pradesh. He is the first surgeon who introduced single part surgeries and transvaginal surgeries in coastal Andhra. His Anu hospital is the first center to start Laparoscopic colorectal surgeries and it is the first center to perform Ileal inter position surgeries for type 2 diabetics. Thus his progressive career is filled with many first and series of innovative procedures in costal Andhra. He has trained many surgeons in basic and advanced laparoscopy. Anu hospital retained its name and fame as Best Bariatric center in this region. The credit goes to its able administrator Dr.G.Ramesh.


Dr.G.Ramesh is been called as a Dynamic doctor in the doctors fraternity. Specializing in the complex and challenging Bariatric surgeries. Dr.G.Ramesh has created a rich for himself as a man whose surgical prowess promises obesity people to live life again. His work philosophy sheer dedication coupled with humanity and love for all his patients has contributed much for his success as a dynamic surgeon. He has 12years experience in Advanced laparoscopic surgeries and earned reputation as one of the Best advanced laparoscopy and Bariatric surgeon. He has performed large number of surgeries such as cholecystectomies, CBD explorations, Hydatidcyst excisions, Cardio myotomies, Nissen’s fundoplications, Hernia repairs, colonic and small bowel resections Bariatric surgeries, Gastrectomies, Spleenctomies, Nephrectomies, all parts of colorectal surgeries including very low anterior resections. He has performed all types of bariatric surgeries in large numbers with 100% success rate.


Dr.G.Ramesh's is life as a Laparoscopy and Bariatric surgeon spells out an odyssess of hours and meticulous vision. One of the first to perform Bariatric and Metabolic surgeries in the Coastal Andhra. He has graphed his career with singular determination to develop, evaluate and prepogate minimal access , Metabolic and Bariatric sugery in this region. He is a guest for professional excellence in Bariatric surgery, took him to visit and train in some of the best medical institutions in the world.


Dr.G.Ramesh is acclaimed for his extended service to the society as a doctor and a responsible citizen by providing Interactive forms, consultation, Ideal support and information about the weight loss. He has conducted many awareness programs about the obesity, its complications and role of Bariatric surgery in the treatment of obesity . He has organized large number of CME programs to create awareness among the colleague physicians and surgeons to promote the Metabolic benefits of Bariatric surgery in doctors fraternity and to encourage specialist to do extensive research on Bariatric surgery. He has made presentations and delivered lectures both National and International medical seminars and conferences. He has conducted awareness programs and organized medical camps both in rural and urban areas as a social responsibility to educate the public on health awareness and life style ailments.


Dr.G.Ramesh establish Anu Gastro And Diabetic center in 2009. Just with in a short period of 3 years the center transformed to 100 beded Anu Hospital in January 2011 along with the existing departments newer departments orthopedics, diabetic foot care, pediatric orthopedics, gynecology, 24hours trauma and critical care services were added. The Bariatric and Metabolic surgical procedures were introduced in the hospital in the year 2012.

The institute headed by Dr.G.Ramesh is equipped with state of art operation theaters , quality equipments and high end video conferencing systems. The hospital comprises of surgeon whose specialized in various areas of surgeries and are dedicated performing surgical procedures with a special emphasis on utilization of latest technological advancements in the medicare . Anu hospital is the first hospital in Costal Andhra to start obesity surgeries. The hospital expended as a 150 beded Multispecialty hospital in 2012.

The facilities and specialties available at Anu hospital marks the beginning of a new era in the effective treatment of obesity. Every obese a bright ray of hope and happiness to live life again.